There are many landmark experiments in Psychology

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For this writing assignment ,the paper is to be written utilizing APA style. An APA formatting guide and APA template are located on your Canvas page. The paper must be a minimum of 1200 words, and include a Reference Page.

There are many landmark experiments in Psychology. For this assignment, you will pick one of the well-known Psychology experiments listed below. In your paper, you must cover the following three components: 1. Summarize the experiment, including the scientist that conducted the experiment and any important information regarding their reason for conducting the experiment. 2. Discuss how it affected or changed the field of Psychology. 3. Discuss how the experiment relates to any current issues.

Here is the list of experiments. If you have one that you would like to use, that is not included on this list, you must get it approved with the Instructor first. • Little Albert (Watson) • The Monster Test (Johnson) • The Milgrim Experiment (Milgrim) • The Bystander Effect (Darley & Latane) based on the Kitty Genovese Case • Asch Conformity Test (Asch) • The Marshmallow Experiment (Mischel) • Carlsberg Social Experiment (Carlsberg) • Robbers Cave Experiment (Sherif) • Stanford Prison Experiment (Zimbardo)

PSY 2012 Writing Assignment

Criteria Ratings Pts

50.0 pts

20.0 pts

• Blue-Eyed, Brown-Eyed Experiment (Elliot) • BoBo Doll Experiment (Bandura) • Pavlov’s Dog Experiment (Pavlov) • Lost In The Mall Experiment (Loftus)

Submissions will be open until two days after the due date, however there is a 10 point deduction for each day after the due date.


-Includes identifiable Introduction, Body, and Conclusion sections -Well organized and engaging content -Demonstrated awareness of the main objective of assignment –Covered the required components –Meets minimum 1200 word requirement

50.0 pts Meets standard

30.0 pts Nearly meets standard

20.0 pts Way below standard

0.0 pts No Submission


-Correct APA formatting (running head, title page, page numbers, margins,

20.0 pts Meets standard

12.0 pts Nearly meets standard

8.0 pts Way below standard

0.0 pts No Submission

Total Points: 100.0

20.0 pts

10.0 pts

font size, spacing, etc.) -Correct reference page


-Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar -Well organized sentence/paragraph structure

20.0 pts Meets standard

12.0 pts Nearly meets standard

8.0 pts Way below standard

0.0 pts No Submission

Turnitin Score

The Turnitin score must be at or below 25%

10.0 pts Meets standard

Turnitin score 25% or below

5.0 pts Nearly meets standard

Turnitin score between 26-35%

3.0 pts Way below standard

Turnitin score above 35%

0.0 pts No Submission


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