Have You Got the Basic Essay Writing Skills?

Essay Writing Skills Play a Very Important Role in Education and Career

Essay Writing Skills determine the ability of a person to express him/herself, which makes him/her successful at exams or in the day to day activities in their jobs. Therefore, improving one’s essay writing skills is the key to success at exams and future careers. Essay is one of the most accepted and practiced method of assessment of students’ academic achievements in the high school, college or the graduate school. Even the result of a research project has to be presented in a thesis, writing of which needs mastery of essay writing skills.

Essay Writing in Colleges

There are many types of essays requiring different types of writing skills. In essay writing, the ideas have to be expressed in writing. The type of writing and the thought processes involved in each can be different. The skills tested at the end of high school education are knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis and synthesis, evaluation and expression. Students have to answer the essay questions to show their mastery of above skills. Today many question papers do not intend to assess knowledge and comprehension identified as lower level skills. More emphasis is placed upon higher level skills like analysis and synthesis, evaluation and application.

Five Paragraph Essay Format

In Academic Institutions students are taught to write essays on five paragraph essay format. The students learn to appreciate the need for a good structure, format and a logical flow of ideas to make the essay a readable, logical and coherent piece of writing. Five paragraph essay format is for learning and mastering essay writing skills at the high school level. But they should not get trapped in the five paragraph essay format when they are in college. They have to come out from the structure and learn to modify this basic structure to accommodate more complex and extended essays.

Basic Essay Writing Skills to be Developed

There are many essential essay writing skills need to be developed for mastery in essay writing. They fall under planning and research or writing, editing and presenting. Understanding the essay question by analyzing it is most important. The command words will tell what is expected from the student. Some of them are compare, evaluate, analyze assess and discuss. Students have to learn what they actually mean. Brain storming, making an outline, planning the essay, identifying sources and note taking are necessary before actually start writing the essay. Writing the first draft, revising, editing and proofreading also are crucial.

The Help to Achieve Mastery in Essay Writing Skills

There are various sources of essay writing help that can develop the essay writing skills of the students. The essay writing guide books online help from good essay writing services and the help from teachers are at the top of the list. The students can buy sample essays and custom essays or get custom essay help from a good essay writing company which can enhance the students’ skills in essay writing and improve their grades for coursework and the exam results. essay writing skills.

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