Outline and a question

Please provide an simple outline of the key points, and then come up with 1 question about the reading. Cite specific quotation from the article. You can abbreviate quotation. ex: “Prophecy with flows……the prophet’s existence” (47).

Ex: Williams states, Prophecy which flows from such a centre

is authentically a form of non-violent resistance: nonviolent, because it does not aim simply to identify and locate blame so that it can condemn, exclude, and disparage; but resistance because it speaks of a drastic refusal of certain types of individual and corporate life- a refusal which encompasses the whole of the prophets existence” (47).  I infer this to mean the Church is to live into non-violent resistance, however, many would disagree with this statement.  What is the other-side of the argument?  What is the argument for violence and/or for lax/non-resistance ways?