Team Dynamics Journal

You might be called upon to lead a Team at some point in your career. For this reason, it could be useful to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of Teamwork in a pressure situation as well as developing awareness of various leadership dynamics that emerge in Teamwork.

Your Objective:
Your task is to develop an ongoing Journal in Blackboard in the Journal Tab that describes and discusses the leadership and team dynamics that you observe whilst functioning in your team.

Your Outcomes:
A comprehensive Journal of at least 2000 words, including any learnings from the course and any additional research, that interactively describes:
    Your sense of your own personal leadership capacity and role within the team.
    Your sense of the leadership capacity of the other team members.
    Your evaluation of your team leader and team members at various stages throughout the course.
    A reflection on any conflicts that arose, the causes of the conflict, and the way in which you, your leader (ship) and your team handled the conflict.
    A discussion around how the team might function better.
    A discussion around the positive and negative aspects of the leadership approach of the team leader. If you are the team leader discuss how you feel your leadership impacted the rest of the team as well as describing the leadership approach that you used to support the relationships and goal of the team.
    A discussion around:
o    Did we develop a Team Charter?
o    Did we use the Team Charter?
o    Did we develop a Team Vision Statement?
o    Did the Team Vision Statement help us or hinder us?