Problem – Solution Paper

In this paper, you will describe a problem associated with gendered violence and then propose a viable solution to this problem. A problem-solution paper requires that you explain the problem in detail and provide a context for why this problem needs to be solved and how you will solve it. The solution part of the essay must be convincing and feasible, and it must specifically address the problem you have described. This discussion should include terms and concepts from course material on gendered violence as well references to external scholarly sources.**

Name and explain the problem. Since gendered violence can be understood as a broad umbrella term, you must narrow the scope of this problem with a clarifying statement in your introduction. For example, a clarifying statement about the larger problem of gendered violence might focus on sex trafficking of minors in the United States. Next, you describe and explain this problem in detail. Your discussion should illuminate this narrower problem by explaining its history and describing its impact on society and its harm to individuals. Provide documented examples of the problem from reliable sources. **
Provide a solution to the problem. Describe your solution thoroughly, and connect it directly to the problem you have identified and explained. Your solution should be detailed, reasonable, and feasibleaction that could actually be implemented. For example, proposals to impose a curfew on minors or ban them from Internet access are untenable. Be sure to address why your solution is the best. You may decide to offer multiple prongs to your approach to the problem. If so, make sure to elaborate on each prong.
**You must cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed academic journal articles, in addition to a minimum of two references to articles in the textbook. These sources offer more in-depth information about your topic and support for your arguments. The ASU library is the best place to begin your research for sources. Although you may also use books, non-academic articles, popular press magazines, websites, and blogs, none of these will count toward the above required sources. Please watch the short video tutorials on our Canvas site for an overview of how to search for peer-reviewed articles and avoid plagiarism.

Develop your topic in 15002000 words.
Give your paper a meaningful title: Problem-Solution Paper is a generic assignment name, not an appropriate title.
Follow the General Paper Guidelines posted on Canvas, including APA citation style and format.
Do not use the problem-solution example provided here as your topic.