Smart City in Hong Kong


You will take on the role of an Assistant Planner working in the Planning Department of Hong Kong and write a paper in a memorandum format, which you will address it to your supervisor, i.e. the Principal Planner in the Planning Department, in regard to the topic of Smart city in Hong Kong.

In this paper, you will need to address, at a minimum, three questions:
– Why should this problem be regarded as a planning problem?
– What is the significance of this problem at the local scale?
– What are the key challenges posed by this problem for planners/ officers working in your Department?

–    Word count: 1925 words
–    The paper should be in formal style
–    In this paper, please make reference to at least one or two planning concept, which could be extracted from scholarly works.
–    Please free to choose to focus on any concept, as long as they can show how this concept is relevant to the major theme/argument of their paper and, at the same time, could help shed light on, and/or strengthen, their deliberations and recommendations.
–    It is important to cite scholarly materials such as books, book chapters as well as academic journal articles to substantiate their arguments.
–    For factual details of their chosen topic, you can consult and cite government reports, newspaper accounts, as well as the grey literature (such as newsletters published, online, by NGOs and community groups).
–    Around 15 references needed in total depending on the needs.

Assessment parameters:
–    Clear identification of main problem
–    Analysis of key issues
–    Conclusion linked to the problem
–    Overall structure and organization
–    Use of English
–    Relevant reference materials