Ukraine and Russia Conflict

–One research paper of at least 12 pages (double-spaced) in length.
1. Select a disagreement or a conflict between two or more international actors and analyze it using the following criteria:
2. Discuss each actors position on the issue in some detail.
3. Why has the actor adopted this position? What interests does the position serve?
4.On what is the disagreement between the two actors based? What is the incompatibility of interests?
5. Why is ones actor position perceived as harmful by the other actor?
6.What is each actors perception of the other? In other words, when discussed by the political leaders or the mass media of the actor in question, how is the adversary described? Is that an accurate or fair depiction?
7.Try to propose a possible solution to overcome the incompatibility that does not require either side to make a fundamental realignment of interests. Is such a solution possible, in your estimate? 

Look at the conflict between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea and Donbass