EIL Project

For our Module 5 assignment, you will complete an individual project. You should view this project as a capstone to the course, a project that builds on what you’ve learned so far and expands your learning into an area that is of particular interest to you. As each of us has different interests and experience in teaching English as an international language, this project offers you the opportunity to pursue a project that fits with your personal andprofessional interests.

For those of you who have experience with and access to an EIL classroom, you might consider implementing (and documenting) a new instructional initiative or innovative series of lessons. Or, regardless of your level of teaching experience, you might propose a project focused on lesson planning (perhaps an 8-lesson unit plan). Or, you may be interested in devising and conducting a simple research project (such as a survey of English learners or EIL teachers) or creation of some curriculum materials (e.g. an app for English learning; a (section of a) textbook). Be creative and follow your interests.

To begin your project, you will write a proposal for what it is you want to do. As you begin thinking about a project, the question you should ask yourself is,”What would be a project of interest and value to me as a (future) teacher of EIL?” From this question, devise a project plan for you and send me your proposal of that project by Friday, March 13th.

Include these elements in your project proposal: 1) your goals for the project; 2) your procedures for meeting those goals; and 3) a description of the product you will produce (a research report, a portfolio, a log of hours of instruction, etc). Project proposals should be submitted via this link by Friday, March 13th. I will provide you with feedbackregarding your proposed project, and we will come to an agreement on the parameters of your project.

Your project is due Friday, April 24th (the project is the assignment for Module 5). Submit your proposal by Friday, March 13th (5 pm).