PHP JavaScript – SQL – Social Network Analyser

I need some modifications on some code, the code is a social network analyser fully functional, for facebook, youtube, twitter and instagram, I need some small rearrangements on the APIs and also 3 new directory pages for facebook youtube and tweeter, at the moment I just have Instagram directory, also I need to add some new features to the APIs like show country, and audiences from youtube. Check the zip file.


-Add country to Instagram accounts and search filter on directory page


– Create directory pages for YouTube, Facebook, Tweeter, with the must search fields possible

– Add new components using the APIs to the social networks when possible.
    – Country (possible on YouTube API already saving on the database)
    – Audience (target Audiance) (possible on YouTube API)
    – Category (possible on YouTube API)

– Function to add ppst videos etc to the favorites and see a small report (number of views and comments)