write a blog post for the general public based on the content you have learned throughout the term. The blog post should be 500 words

I want you to pretend you have been asked by the university to write a blog post about
something you have learned in the Border Criminology Module. You should focus on an
aspect of the module you have found interesng, or that you have developed an opinion on
that you think the general public might also be interested in.
As for exactly what to write about, you have two opons:
(A) You can go for breadth , by including material from mulple topics (weeks)
covered in the class; OR
(B) You can go for depth , and include only material from 1 specific topic covered in
the class
You should format this to look like a proper blog post. Make it visually appealing and easy to
read. Consider including an engaging tle to aract readers, and pictures to make it look like
a typical blog post (if you take pictures from the internet, please make sure you have
permission to use them).
Remember you are targeng the general public, people who know lile to nothing about
Border Criminology. As this is a blog, you can be less formal in your wring than a typical
piece of assessment, but you must sll reference academic literature (and include a
reference list at the end). I want to know your opinion, but you must sll back it up.
To submit, type your blog post in a Word document, and copy & paste the pictures into the
appropriate locaon in the text then upload to turnin as you would any other assignment.

Your blog post should be 500 words long (not including the reference list).
example of a good blog: