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Assumption: The Secretary of Homeland Security, as a former governor, is reasonably aware of the basic connection between the NSHS and state planning efforts. What she is most interested in learning about is where there are challenges, incongruities, or friction between federal homeland security planning efforts as outlined in the NSHS and state efforts to develop comprehensive and effective state-level homeland security strategic plans.Address the following in 900 words:Assignment: Your assignment is to develop an executive-level briefing that provides succinct information to the Secretary of Homeland Security so that she is prepared to engage the states in assessing the impact of the NSHS on state homeland security strategic planning efforts. Your briefing memo should include the following:What have the states had to say about the 2002 and 2007 versions of the NSHS? Explain.Conduct an Internet and library search for writings that shed light on the states’ position.Review the current NSHS, and assess the states’ role.In your opinion, does the NSHS place an unfair burden on states with respect to planning? Explain.Does the 2007 NSHS provide a sufficient road map for states to develop their plans in a way that is complementary? Explain.Where do you see that there are deficiencies or disconnects?Have states embraced the Homeland Security Management System advocated in the 2007 NSHS?Conclude your briefing with the 5 most significant concerns you think the Secretary of Homeland Security should keep in mind when she engages with the states.Please submit your assignment.