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TOPIC: GLOBALIZATION IN RETREAT·      In a single opening paragraph, briefly summarize the author’s argument. The short abstract provided at the beginning of each article already does this, but do not copy and paste it, since it must flow with the overall tenor of your own style and argument.·      In the next section of the essay, offer a concise defense of the argument. Why is it at least plausible? There is always something rationally defensible about a peer-reviewed journal article on US foreign policy.·      For the remainder of your response, offer a critique of the article. What are the limits, problems, or gaps in the author’s argument? There are limits, problems, or gaps in every argument. You do not have to have answers to the problems you identify, but you must be able to at least develop questions about the claims made by the author.will write a 3–5-page research-based paper in current Turabian format that focuses on topics that are relevant to the course content. Each essay must include 5–7 citations in addition to the course textbook and the Bible.