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Learning Activity 1:Introduction to Strategic Management (2014) provides an overview of strategic management and strategy. To launch our exciting course, this learning activity requires you to explain a “high-level” overview of your previous or current organization’s strategic management and strategy! Conclude with an analysis of its effectiveness.Unknown (2014).  Introduction to Strategic Management.  Washington, D.C.:  The Saylor Foundation.Learning Activity 2:Breaking News! This just in! The University System of Maryland Board of Regents just announced you as the new President of The University of Maryland University College (UMUC)!  Congratulations!Too excited to control yourself, your first order of business is to overhaul its current mission and vision statements! The good news is the board highly anticipates change. Based on week 1 reading and additional research (review of UMUC’s current mission and vision statements), propose new UMUC mission and vision statements! Based on the reading for each statement identify and explain the salient characteristics.Again, Congrats!!