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Students are to go to www.youtube.comPlease enter the following video: “9/11: The Biggest Lie” (updated May 27, 2013) HQ by James Easton. This video runs 2:28 hrs in length. Please make sure you watch the updated verson. Students are required to watch the entire video. Pay close attention to the section that describes constructing the WTC. Note: There will be parts of the video that will go black & just with James Eastons’ voice, this is done on purpose1. What is your 1st reaction to James Eastons’ Opening Statement re: Who is responsible for the 9/11 attacks?What is the premise of the video? Lastly, Do you feel Easton provided enough evidence to prove his theory? (You need to watch entire video to answer).2. Do you believe that President George W. Bush and/or his administration were responsible for the 9/11 attacks? Or was Osama Bin Laden/Al Queda responsible? Is it farfetched to believe ANY President could be the architect of this deliberate destruction of human life?3. Do you believe explosives could have been placed on the airplanes fusilage and on several floors of the WTC? How do you account that numerous firemen, police officers, WTC survivors, & witnesses say they felt, saw, & heard what appeared to be explosives/bombs?4. How do you explain that many witnesses claim that the airplanes could not have been commercial (No windows or logo present) & that the planes looked like military or perhaps drones?5. Do you believe there were false witnesses ex. (Doug Pisler) that deliberately were placed to speak to the media claiming the planes were American Airlines or other commerical flight? Why would Mr. Pisler emphatically say, “It was not a bomb”, when the planes had just hit the towers? Do you feel he was reading off a prepared statement or script?6. How do you explain that many government officials & certain executives (family members of Larry Silverstein, etc.) were told not to fly or report to work on 9/11? Do you believe they were saved purposely or is this merely a coincidence?7. Constructing the WTC was a major undertaking that consisted of massive amounts of thick steel, iron, & concrete. The Infrastructure was deliberately built to withstand being hit by an airplane, yet, the “Twin Towers” collapsed. Was this due to explosives being placed on the planes & in the floors of the towers, or was the building just old and not constructed properly?