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As for ideas, most of you will likely be able to reflect on the Civil Rights lesson/chapter. You can write about gender/racial/religious stereotypes you encounter in your life (or you can talk about the experiences of someone close to you). If you are from another country, think about how racial/religious/gender discrimination is similar and different in the U.S. and your home country. Write about what you experience or see others experiencing. Make sure you ground your reflection in a brief summary of civil rights. So if, for example, you are writing about your experience as part of the LGBT community, find the part of Chapter 13 that discusses the current status of civil rights with regard to that particular minority group. You can use outside, credible resources as well.Another way to go would be to give your views and your interpretation of how affirmative action positively or negatively impacts you specifically. Make sure to briefly summarize the Court’s current position on affirmative action (Chapter 13) before you give your reflection on this topic.