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Essay Questions Answer to each essay question should be at least ONE page long and students should provide evidence (examples from the textbook and class discussion) to support each of the points you want to make.What is the Gorbachev Revolution?  Discuss the errors that Mr. Gorbachev made when he pushed the reforms in Russia.What are the five generations of the Chinese leadership?  Discuss the major changes under them.Describe the powers of the NPC.  Discuss limitations of the power of the NPC.Political Scientists have developed a long list of the necessary conditions for democracy. Discuss five major factors that explain why new democracies have emerged.Two theories dominate social science research on the Third World: modernization and dependency.  Discuss the major debates between two approaches.  What theory make more sense to you?  Explain why.Discuss the causes and outcomes of the Mexican Revolution of 1910.Define legitimacy. Identify major factors that contribute to the political legitimacy of a government.  For the factors you identified, discuss how each contributes legitimacy AND discuss how each has or has not contributed to the legitimacy of the government of Mexico.Mexico has established a vibrant three-party system. What are the major political parties in Mexico?  What are the major differences among three parties?What is NAFTA? What are major concerns and challenges that NAFTA raised for both Mexico and United States?What are the main causes of the Mexican drug war?