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Case StudyInstructionsThe case study will focus on a historic or current leadership issue in your discipline or major (Homeland Security).  You will discuss and assess the leadership issue.  The case study issue will lead to the research paper where you will develop a plan to resolve the issues identified.  Make sure the case study is leadership based and not just a problem.  The purpose of the case study is to identify leadership issues related to a public safety event.  The more issues you identify with the leader of the event, the easier the Research Paper will be.  Do Not attempt to solve the problems identified in your case study here, save all of that for the research paper.The Case Study should be 5-7 pages, excluding the cover page and references.  All margins should be 1”, 12 point font in either Arial or New Times Roman font style.Additional instructions are given in the Content section or Discussion area of the classroom.Hide RubricsRubric Name: Case Study RubricCriteriaExceptionalGoodFair / AdequateLimitedPoor / UnacceptableAttention to instructions and assignment25 pointsCan earn betwee 23-25 points. Follows and exceeds expectations noted in instructions22 pointsCan earn betwee 20-22 points. Follows instructions19 pointsCan earn betwee 18-19 points. Follows some but not all instructions17 pointsCan earn betwee 15-17 points. Gestures toward instructions but demonstrates little comprehension or competency14 pointsCan earn betwee 0-14 points. Disregards instructionsCreative thought / problem-solving / self-assessment30 pointsCan earn betwee 27-30 points. Demonstrates a high degree of originality, insight and/or problem-solving skill26 pointsCan earn betwee 24-26 points. Shows some originality, insight and/or problem-solving skill23 pointsCan earn betwee 21-23 points. Shows minimally acceptable originality, insight and/or problem-solving skill20 pointsCan earn betwee 18-20 points. Demonstrates very little creative thought or insight; consists mostly of second-hand ideas17 pointsCan earn betwee 0-17 points. Shows no original thought; all second-hand ideasAdherence to APA 6th ed. style5 pointsNo APA style errors4 pointsNo more than three APA style errors3 pointsMore than four or five APA style errors2 pointsMore than six APA style errors1 pointNo attempt at APA styleDevelopment and support30 pointsCan earn from 27-30 points. Thoroughly and insightfully explores, explains and supports each idea.26 pointsCan earn from 24-26 points. Develops and supports key points.23 pointsCan earn from 21-23 points. Inconsistently develops and supports ideas.20 pointsCan earn from 18-20 points. Inadequately or ineffectively explains and defends ideas.17 pointsCan earn from 0-17 points. Does not make a meaningful attempt to explain or support ideas.Source use, including appropriate guidelines5 pointsDemonstrates comprehension of all source material; integrates sources appropriately and effectively4 pointsMost source material is appropriate, but some if not fully explained or integrated into the paper3 pointsSource material is not consistently appropriate or integrated into the paper2 pointsSource material is rarely appropriate and/or rarely integrated into the paper1 pointNo use of source materialClarity, including grammar5 pointsDemonstrates comprehension of all source material; integrates sources appropriately and effectively4 pointsMost ideas are presented clearly but sometimes too simplistically3 pointsWordy; some points require rereading to understand fully2 pointsUnclear and difficult to understand1 pointLargely incomprehensibleOverall ScoreA Grade90 or moreB Grade80 or moreC Grade70 or moreD Grade60 or moreF Grade0 or more