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Judicial Branch Project2 pages typed, 12 font, Times New RomanSection 1- Selection of Supreme Court Case and analysis of Case mark/home (1 page) Brown v Board of Educationdiscuss your first impression of the case.  Why did you select this case?describe the majority opiniondescribe the dissenting opinion (there may only be one opinion of the case is unanimousanswer the questions to consider under the Background Summary and Questions SectionSection 2- If you were a Supreme Court Justice (judge), how would you have handled thiscase and why. Give a solid and sound explanation on how you would rule on the case and why. (1page)Walk me through the case.If you were one of the nine justices, which side would you side on and why.Remember, that for each case examined, the objective of the supreme court justice is not to decide what is right or wrong but is instead to make a decision on the case based upon how it stacks up to the Constitution.Discuss the difficulties and challenges a Supreme Court justice might face when making a ruling on a case.Discuss any challenges you came across when placing yourself in the role of Supreme Court Justice. Did you view the case any differently knowing that your decision on the case would affect the entire country?