International Security – Op Ed Article Analysis –


You will answer the following question using a randomly assigned OpEd.TEST QUESTIONSubmit a 3500-4500 page essay based on the instructions below.  The essay must be single-spaced, with 1″ margins, in Times New Roman 12 point font.ENSURE YOU ANSWER THE ENTIRE TASKING IN YOUR ESSAY.PROJECT REQUIREMENTS:Take the role of a key player in the national decision making process (from the list below) and provide courses of action (CoAs) (the ‘what’) the US should take to address issues identified in the OpEd article (See the Attachment) and in that region of the world.  Your essay presenting the recommended CoAs must include the four major areas outlined below (listed in descending order of importance):show how each suggested CoA will support specific US national interests (listed below) (the reason ‘why’ we are taking the actions). Your CoAs should cover all four US national interests.your CoAs should show how the instruments of national power (IOPs) will be employed (the ‘how’). Limiting your discussion to the most important one or two IOPs per CoA will be necessary to limit your paper to just seven pages.your CoAs should be something your key player can implement. Show how you (the key player) will enforce/enact/encourage/recommend your CoAs for implementation in the national decision making process (the ‘who’).include an analysis/discussion of the issues for the entire region of the identified country(ies) and any neighboring relations in the context of the OpEd’s issues (the ‘where’). How would your CoAs affect other countries in the region? What about neighboring countries?Key playersNational Security Advisor, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, Director of National Intelligence, Congress, think tank, interest group, lobby, or the PresidentInstruments of National Power (IOPs)Diplomatic, Informational, Military, or EconomicNational Interests (2010 NSS, Section III)Security, Values, Prosperity, and International OrderThe essay should be:written from the perspective of your chosen key player emphasizing the strategic level actions your key player will need to take to implement the CoAssupported with evidence from the course material or outside sources—it is not merely an opinion piecea focused analysis using relevant concepts and specific examples from the course materials to support your thesis