Essay Paper: Herman Schwartz States vs Markets –


1. Formulate your own topic. This could be on anything that relates in some ways to the issues we are dealing with in chs 8-14 of the Schwartz textbook, i.e the global political-economic system of the period from 1945 to 2016. Your paper could be on the developmental experience of a country that Schwartz does not cover; or on structural processes like globalization, or events like the 2008 financial crisis. In each case, you must use Schwartz as a point of reference. For instance, if you choose to work on the process of late-industrialization in Turkey, use the way Schwartz analyses countries like Korea, Taiwan, Argentina, Brazil or Hungary as a template to identify the critical issues you need to research for your case (although each country will have idiosyncrasies that require you to go beyond Schwartz’s template in some respects). If you decide to do your paper on the origins of globalization, for example, you first need to identify Schwartz’ argument and then challenge or extend it in some directions that you consider necessary. Whatever you chose to do – do not write something that doesn’t take on board in some way (positively or critically) what Schwartz argues on the issues you’re dealing with.Length: 3000 wordsMust be knowledgeable on Herman Schwartz: States Versus Markets: The Emergence of a Global Economy