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Title of Case Study #1 – Money in PoliticsPoints Possible:  100Due Date:  Sunday, 11/8 by 11:30 pmDescription:  The ability of wealthy individuals, interest groups, and corporations to influence elections, legislation, and public policy is nothing new.  You may remember that virtually all of the framers of the US Constitution were wealthy, property rich men.  I’ve made the point before that although our political system is a representative democracy, we have a capitalist economic system that encourages competition, profits, and individual freedom.  There has been a long-standing debate in our country over the pros and cons of money in politics and there have been many attempts at reforming our lobbying and campaign finance laws.For this Case Study, I’d like you to research this topic and report on your findings.  There are abundant online articles on this topic.  Additionally, I have provided some resources that will provide background and context for you in developing your report.  I have also provided specific questions to address in this Case Study.  Finally, I have attached a “rubric” or grading guideline so you can see what I’m looking for in the report and how I’ll be assigning points.Background and Context:Chapter 10 – Money in General Elections – pages 304-308 (blue cover); pages 324-328 (green cover)Chapter 7 – Interest Groups Study 1 – Fall 2015 – The Citizens United Decision and Why It Matters.docxCase study #1 – Fall 2015 PBS Online -Pros and Cons of Campaign Reform.docxQuestions to be addressed:  Case Study 1 – Fall 2015 – Questions.docxResearch paper requirements:1.  Must be a minimum of three but not more than four pages of content, double-spaced.2.  Must be in #12 size, with New Times Roman font in black color.3.  Must include an additional separate page titled “References” where you list all the sources used in your research (including the ones I provided as background) using the APA style guidelines.   You must include a minimum of three additional sources other than the ones I provided.   For guidance on how to properly cite sources see Rubric:  Case Study Rubric – Fall 2015.docxAs always, I urge you to start working on the assignment immediately and not to leave it until the last minute.  Take some time to read the background resources I’ve cited first as they will give you some context for your research.  I welcome any questions you may have.