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PLEASE READ THE GOVERNMENT BOOK”Ginsberg, et al: We the People, 10eISBN 978-0-393-90622-6″ FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS FOR EACH POSTPOST 1You are trying to organize college students as a way to pressure lawmakers and textbook companies to reduce the cost of college textbooks. What types of benefits (informational, material, solidary, or purposive) would you use as an incentive to get students to join your group? What types of specific benefits would you offer students who join your group and why?In your response post, would you join this student’s group based on the benefits that they are offering? What other incentives would you recommend and why? 150 WORDS MIN.POST 2Based on our reading this week, do interest groups more to harm or to hurt American democracy?150 WORDS MIN.POST 3One of the most important responsibilities of political parties in the US is to mobilize voters and encourage them to turn out to vote on Election Day. As a voter mobilization specialist charged with mobilizing students at Lone Star College Kingwood, what strategies would you use to get students to show up to the polls on Election Day? Be sure to discuss how you would reach out to students who take classes on campus as well as take classes online. It doesn’t matter the candidate the student supports, you just want to get them to vote. How would you do it?WTP: 349 should help you answer this question.Your original discussion post should be 150 words in length. Your response post should be 75 words minimum. In your response post, evaluate how successful you think another student’s mobilization strategy is. Be sure that you reference the text in both your original post and your response