GuaranteedGrades only: Military Counterintelligence Analysis and Production –


Read FM34-60, Chapter 5, Military Counterintelligence Analysis and Production in the Course Materials Folder.   Research and locate the FM34-60 Appendices. These detail the steps and methods in counterintelligence analysis.  Study these in extreme detail.  This appendix should form the core of your learning. If you cannot find the appendicies to the Field Manual please let me know ASAP.In this week we address military tactical counterintelligence analysis, which has three main components: C-HUMINT, C-SIGINT, C-IMINT.The FM describes each element and the process of nominating targets and then the role of analysis and production.For this discussion, you are to:1) Describe the tactical CI analysis steps and processes at the tactical level. It is best to enumerate the steps involved.2) Prepare a plan that describes the analysis you would conduct (using the FM as a step-by-step guide) if you were present during the November 2004 Battle of Fallujah and the G-2 nominated Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s intelligence operations in support of his kidnappings, beheading factory, bomb-making factory, etc. as a principle target. Al-Zarqawi operated his HQ in Fallujah throughout most of 2004. Remember to exploit this target via C-HUMINT, C-SIGINT, and C-IMINT.3) Research and uncover information about this case/target in order to help you develop analysis. Naturally, since you cannot collect the information your plan will be suppositional (Propose how you would do the collection and analysis–not actually doing the collection and analysis). Following are some helpful websites to get you going. If you have read “Operation Phantom Fury” or have quick access to it this will help, but it is NOT required.Additional Sources: