You are required to write a research paper on the topic of Political Islam. Specifically, you are to thoroughly research the concept of Political Islam, explain what Political Islam is, and explain the impact of Political Islam on law, policy, and international relations in the Middle East.This is not merely a definition exercise. You must discuss and explain each concept sufficiently to show a thorough understanding of its substance and application. Merely restating a dictionary, encyclopedia, or online resource such as Wikipedia will not meet the requirements of this assignment.Your paper should meet the standard of a high quality research and offer rich, well-supported analysis; mere opinion or conjecture will not suffice.The text of this research paper must be 6–8 pages (not including title page, reference page, and any appendices). This paper must include an introduction, a conclusion, and be in current Turabian format. You must include citations to a sufficient number of appropriate scholarly sources to fully support your assertions and conclusions. The paper must contain citations to a minimum of 5 sources.Due by 8:00 p.m. (ET) on Friday November 11, 2016.