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Week 5 Discussion Threads due 10/9/14. Will pay $5 per discussion thread. Must be quality work and plagirism free.”THIS IS NOT A PAPER”  Discussion 2 contains a video I will have to provide my school login to access the video that information will be provided by private message.  Answers must adhere to the questions asked in the discussion threads.Discussion # 1Health and medical technologies available to both health care providers and administrators continue to advance rapidly. Choose a recent medical technology and provide a description of it. Discuss some of the pros and cons of this technology and assess how it drives consumer demand, health system changes, and health care delivery. Consider how this technology could be used in your current or future career.Discussion # 2- “Will provide school login info via private message to view video”After viewing the video, address the following in your post:What do you consider to be the most important factor in fixing the numerous issues inherent in the U.S. health care system?What role would selected major stakeholders play in its implementation?What types of research studies could be conducted that would support your stance?How might the proposed emphasis on preventative health care affect the cost of health care in the future?  What impact would a focus on preventative health care have on your chosen factor?