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Resources: Electronic Reserve Readings, the Internet, or other resourcesPrepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper examining the significance of federalism in the United States today.Focus your paper on one specific area, such as health care, transportation, or homeland security.Describe the development of federalism and how the various levels of government relate to your chosen topic.Prepare to discuss your paper in class.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.An abstract will be an Executive Summary as it were of your paper.  I require you to submit with a minimum of 150 words. It should tell me what I am about to read.  The abstract is not meant to be a substitute for introducing me to what I am about to read.  Here is another explanation of what an abstract is.What is an abstract?An abstract is a self-contained, short, and powerful statement that describes a larger work. Components vary according to discipline; an abstract of a social science or scientific work may contain the scope, purpose, results, and contents of the work. An abstract of a humanities work may contain the thesis, background, and conclusion of the larger work. An abstract is not a review, nor does it evaluate the work being abstracted. While it contains key words found in the larger work, the abstract is an original document rather than an excerpted passage.