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Quick LinksLogoutNoor QadadatMy TSUCoursesTab 2 of 2 (active tab)16 Spring – Texas Government-Section02Course ContentStudy Questions16 Spring – Texas Government-Section02Home PageAnnouncementsFacultySyllabusCourse ContentDiscussion BoardMy GradesToolsLibraryTech SupportStudy QuestionsStudy Questions(True or False)  Similar to the federal government, Texas recognizes the separation of powers between a legislative, judicial, and executive branch.(True or False)  Federalism, refers to a system of governing, which involves only a strong central government.(True or False)  Because of the large population and massive land size, Texas has more United States Senators than any other state.(True or False)  Similar to the legislature in federal government, Texas State senators have the ability to delay votes and procedure through a practice known as a filibuster.(True or False)  Both the US Constitution and Texas Constitution provide Texas with its power to govern.(True or False)  According to the Supremacy clause, the Texas Constitution is recognized as the highest law of the land; no other legal document can prevail.(True or False)  According to the text, State powers derive from the United States Constitution, which reserves powers to the states; where power is not already delegated to the federal government.(True or False)  The Texas state legislature is divided in two chambers, which we recognize as a bicameral system.The power of government to appropriate private property for public projects is referred to asincorporation.eminent domain.appraisal.receivership.According to the text, all of the following are prohibited practices in Texas, except:a.         denying the right to vote based on gender.b.         denying the right to vote based on race.c.         denying the right to vote based on payment of a tax.d.         denying the right to vote based on residency.The number of senators in the Texas legislature is:a.         31.b.         40.c.         150.d.         400.(True or False)  According to the US Constitution, Texas as a state may negotiate treaties with foreign countries.When Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, they were:ignoring a limited area of national law.recognizing that only states have the legal right to regulate controlled substances.following a Supreme Court decision that said the federal government may not make laws that contradict state laws.none of these choices is correct.After considering Texas’s challenge to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the US Supreme Court ruled that:the U.S. government may penalize those without insurance, but may not withdraw Medicaid funding from states that refuse to expand the program.the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional.the U.S. government may withdraw Medicaid funding from states that refuse to expand the program, but may not penalize those without insurance.the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is constitutional.The process of mixing chemicals with sand and water and injecting them into the ground to force out oil and gas from the shale below, is referred to aspumping.fracking.hydroplaning.turbining.(True or False)  Often, the best way for the federal government to influence state policies are through funding of programs; otherwise known as providing federal grants-in-aid.According to the text, four of the five largest private corporations in Texas in 2014 werea.         energy related.b.         technology related.c.         cotton related.d.         manufacturing related.Functions of the Texas legislature include all of the following, exceptenacting legislation.proposing constitutional amendments.appointing state judges.removing executive and judicial officialsThe Texas DREAM Actgranted amnesty and citizenship to millions of undocumented immigrants in Texas.allows certain undocumented immigrants who were brought to Texas as children to pay in-state tuition at public colleges.illegal immigration is no longer a problem for Texas.authorized the creation of a border fence with a moat along the Texas-Mexico border.Laws that segregated African Americans and denied them access to public services were known as:Jim Crow laws.eminent domain.naturalization laws.separation policies.Most of the governor’s board and commission appointments to head state agencies must be submitted and approved byat least two-thirds of the Senate.the relevant Senate committee.a majority of the House of Representatives.at least a simple majority vote of the senators.The legislature may require reports from state agencies under a procedure known asauditing.consultation.oversight.gerrymandering.According to the text, Texas faces water challenges due to which of the following factors?Increased population and urbanizationDroughtFrackingAll of these choices are true.The Supreme Court’s process of applying portions of the Bill of Rights to states through the Fourteenth Amendment’s due process clause is referred to asincorporation.segregation.secession.integration.Shelby County v. Holder was a significant case in that this decision did all of the following, EXCEPT:Allowed for certain states to no longer be required to seek pre-clearance before making major voting policy changesReversed a provision of the Voting Rights ActAllows for Texas to control its redistricting practicesRequired that women and minorities must be promoted up the political ranksAll of the above26.  (True or False) Currently, the governor of Texas is constitutionally allowed to serve for only 2 four-year terms.27. (True or False) Amongst requirements to be a Governor are minimum age, US Citizenship, Texas Residency for minimum of 5 years, and acknowledgement of an existence of a “supreme being.”28. (True or False) It is common for governors to repay major contributors to their election campaigns with appointments to key policymaking positions.29. (True or False) Should the governor and lieutenant governor both be out of the state at the same time, the president pro tempore of the Senate becomes acting governor.30. (True or False) Amongst constitutional powers of governor, is ability to remove the Lieutenant Governor, should there ever be political differences.31. (True or False) The main judicial power of the governor of Texas is filling vacancies arising in state, district, and appellate courts.32. (True or False) Similar to the US presidency, the Governor of Texas is constitutionally authorized to veto legislation.33. (True or False) During the time of office, a governor has immunity from criminal indictment or prosecution, should his/her political rivals be motivated by political retribution.34. The appointed state official responsible for elections and voter registration is thea. attorney general.b. lieutenant governor.c. secretary of state.d. comptroller of public accounts.35. Which of the following executives is not appointed by the governor?a. Texas attorney generalb. Adjutant general, Texas Military Forcesc. Texas secretary of stated. Director, Office of State-Federal Relations36. The governor can avoid Senate confirmation of an appointee bya. issuing an executive order.b. making a recess appointment.c. appointing a current officeholder.d. submitting the nomination to the Texas House