Revise Senate Report paper –


I need someone to help me revise this paper based on the following instructions and peer review feedback:Outline:Heading as structured on handout (1.5 inch margins around text on all pages except reference page)Introduction to the Report that includes information about what this report is aboutPurpose of legislationEstablishing the debate section (brief paragraph on the different perspectives that will be addressed in the report—Broad/basic overview of the debate in one paragraph)Perspectives for the Bill (3 different viewpoints—3 different paragraphs)Perspectives against the Bill (3 different viewpoints– 3 different paragraphs)Recommendation for the SenatorAPA Reference PagePeer Review Feedback:The “PROPONENTS OF THE BROKAW LAW” section only has 2 viewpoints, needs one moreThe second viewpoint from Sarah Krouse and Tom McGinty in “PROPONENTS OF THE BROKAW LAW” is not clear why this should lead to interventionThe “OPPONENTS OF THE BROKAW LAW” section only has 1 viewpoint, needs 2 moreUnclear why Benoit thought these regulations lead to investor rights changesEach section is too long. While each section needs to add more viewpoints, the original paper needs to be shortened. The max length of this paper is 5 pages.