PhD doctorate ONLY –


Now that Snake and his crew have been sentenced, you realize that some of these offenders will be released after incarceration, and in some cases, continue to harm the community. The research that you have conducted on the topic shows that the likelihood of recidivism is high among these offenders. As you were contemplating this, your supervisor asked you to publish an article in Corrections Today that addresses a few of the issues with recidivism within the criminal justice system. His goal is to determine where and how team members can assist in reducing recidivism at the law enforcement, courts, and correctional level. Your supervisor has assigned you a team of researchers to assist you with the publication. He would like a full report in one week.Address the following in 500–750 words:The police can often assist with lowering recidivism by implementing community-oriented policing (COP) efforts in high crime communities.Discuss 2 COP programs that have been implemented that are effective in reducing recidivism.Compare and contrast each program.Pick and choose elements of each program, and develop a new program.Use statistics and library research to support your response.Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.