Criminal Justice Essay – Based on included paper –


The criminal justice system’s main goal is to protect our rights individually and as a society. How can this be accomplished without one affecting the other? For example, under our current criminal justice structure, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. If individual rights are to be protected as well, how is it fair that a person can be denied bail and incarcerated before guilt is established?Consider the first three steps of the Decision Making Model:Step One: Define the problem (and the questions that need to be answered)Step Two: Gather evidence (law, policy, procedure, data) and evaluate for relevancyStep Three: Weigh moral considerations and direct/indirect consequencesFollowing Steps 4 and 5 of the Decision Making Model, write an essay evaluating the formal process of the criminal justice system and identify where it fails in its goal. As you construct your essay, demonstrate your ability to complete sentences by including at least four that begin with: although, unless, while, and because. Please provide research to support your position and cite your sources using APA format.Step Four: Write your position paper, argument, proposal utilizing the above materialStep Five: Balance your position by addressing alternatives and potential pitfalls