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Several topics pertaining to implementing the public interest through leadership and personnel management were examined in this week’s lesson and assigned readings. The concept of public service as an important motivating factor for those working in the public sector was noted to be often overlooked with a general tendency to focus only on salary and wages. The importance of organizational leadership involving both employees and the clients was emphasized as a mechanism that represented service through a commitment to democratic public administration.At the heart of democratic public administration and leadership is the goal to serve the public interest while seeking to achieve the underlying policy goals of equity, efficiency, security, and liberty. How would you integrate an understanding of the public interest into your organization? Use at least two specific examples. Make sure you define the term “public interest” in your answer. With this in mind, consider the following questions.Sometimes critics will assail “democratic public administration” with the following remarks:“You just can’t let employees vote on everything!”“If you let employees have too much say, they’ll just cut back their work hours or productivity!”“I can’t let employees have this much say because they just don’t know enough of the rationale behind our decisions!”What would be your response to these types of critiques? Or do you agree with them?