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Respond to each peer initial post with a response about 3 to 4 sentences long.Peer# 1(Elizabeth)We all know that here in the great United State that multiple parties have always been allowed to take part in the political system.  Even-though other parties have participated the two political parties that dominate the system are the Democrats and Republicans (Nettleton, n.d.).Democrats are traditionally those people or groups of people who believe in the equality of people and are generally liberal thinkers.  They believe that more government involvement or a larger government is what is good for the people.Republicans are more conservative and think that the government should be more hands off and that private citizens should be more involved in the decision making process.  Republicans believe that things should be done on a lower level such as at the state level.  As we all know Republicans are all about their money and keeping their money to themselves, they are all about capitalism.I am a Liberal-Democrat, I believe in equality for all and social reform. I do not oppose all Republican views I just do not believe that Republicans are realistic or that they represent America. I am satisfied with the two party system I am just not satisfied with the candidates that are currently running for each party.  This new Democratic system has two divisions, you have Bernie Sanders who is an independent focused on social programs and reforms for improving the status of the less economically equipped (Nettleton, n.d.).  I agree with Bernie on some policy issues such as gun control and abortion but I do not agree with free college.  Maybe a reduction in tuition of course lowering interest rates but free college devalues college in so many ways.The other side to the Democratic party Mrs. Hillary Clinton is a more traditional Democrat but she is also focused on the U.S. involvement in world order (Nettleton, n.d.)  Hillary seems to go back and forth on issues and she doesn’t seem to be the most trustworthy candidate.  I believe if given the right opportunity she might change sides.  The alternatives to Bernie and Hillary is Donald Trump and let’s just say I wish the real candidates would show their faces because the current ones are not the cream of the crop.I don’t know if having more than two parties is necessary because if you think about the Green Party and Libertarian Party views tend to overlap with Democratic viewpoints as well as Republican view-points.  The Tea Party have similar stances as Republicans they are all intermingled but the majority of Americans fall into the two parties well at the majority of voting Americans.  Georgia is considered a red state so I do not feel that I am well represented by my state representatives.  I think that either way no one party is going to meet every need or requirement for any one person much less for this country.  I believe progression and conformity is key for both parties to be successful.  Unless we bring back the Democratic-Republican Party America is not going to be satisfied.Peer #2As a voting citizen I am satisfied with the two-party system. Even though I only identify with one party, there are times that the views and targets of the opposing party have fallen in line with my views and targets. This is where I tend to vote for the opposite party despite who my party’s’ representative is. For example, in the current election, a majority of the issues that a presidential candidate discusses are in line with most of my views and opinions on women’s rights. The other candidates have addressed the issue, but I don’t feel like they have done the in-depth research on the issues. I do feel like I, as a woman, am well represented by one of the major parties. With more women becoming active and elected officials in politics, more issues that effect the inequalities that women face in the workplace, such as pay and higher management positions and women’s health, health services, and other health decisions. I do feel that the U.S. should adopt multi-member districts for representation of other parties. In order to decide what other parties will be represented are those that have enough voting members of the population.