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The written assignment on the Anthony J. Nownes Book Five pages double spaceAnthony Nownes, Interest Groups in American Politics. 2nd Edition.Routledge, 2013.  ISBN 978415894265.The topic questions for the written assignment are:  pages to look at are assigned and some helping notes:1.     Define interest group formation and survival and discuss the barriers to interest group formation and survival. Look page (40-51)2.     Explain unequal interest group representation. Look page (52-60)you should find three variables the third variable is leadership3.     Some lobbying strategies and tactics are more effective than others: Discuss which ones are the most effective. Look page (236-241) should mention strategies. The four strategies are 1-build coalition 2-focuse in what you do best 3-get public support 4-doing a lot of work.You should write five pages essay and the major topics of the paper should be the answers of these three questions.